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Mountain Grove's Leading Metal Manufacturer

In addition to our comprehensive raw metal sales and distribution, we also offer a range of manufactured metal products for sale and delivery. As a highly-respected metal manufacturer in the region, we bring high quality structural products, brackets, and other manufactured metal products to clients across mid-Missouri. Read on for a list of our manufactured metal products.
Metal brackets manufactured in Mountain Grove

High-Quality Manufactured Metal Products

Quality is what we strive for in all of our products. We are not a one-size-fits-all type of manufacturer — instead, we specialize in a handful of products that we know are proven to work for years under all conditions. With over 75 years of experience in fabrication and manufacturing, our team here at Douglass Steel has the time-tested quality you can trust. Work with us today!

Manufactured Metal Prices

Field Rollers- variety of sizes
5’7” x 24” thru 10’ x 36”- $1,400.00 and up

10’- $225.00

Portable Panel-
6’ x 10’- chain and pin latch $85.00
6’ x 12’- chain and pin latch $100.00

Structural Products

Using a number of different raw metals, we manufacture structural products such as structural steel beams, siding, and roofing for structures of all sizes. To inquire about dimensions and other specifications, contact our manufacturing team today!

Other Products

We proudly manufacture panels, field rollers, feeders and other metal products used across a wide range of industries. For incomparable quality and highly-competitive, choose our manufacturing here at Douglass Steel today!
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